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Hey Everyone. I am an aspiring Anime Reviewer, who will mostly be writing full length in a regular bases of anime that I feel like talking about. Feel free to check out MyAnimeList Profile¬†as well as my¬†Hummingbird but I don't update my HB regularly. Feel free to add me as a friend. I would love... Continue Reading →

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Anime Review 101 Future Card Buddyfight (Season 1).

Back when I was a teenager, I was re-introduced to card games thanks to little series called Cardfight Vanguard. The first season of Cardfight Vanguard was a pretty great show. I really adored the more grounded feel of the series as most of the Cardfight were won by still rather than lucky draws. It had... Continue Reading →

Anime Review 4.0 Garzey Wing

One rainy day at home in London, I decided to visits the deepest depths of the anime rabbit hole to the find anime that are considered to be the worst of all times. Inside the anime rabbit hole, I found of bunch garbage animes that I have seen before such as Big Order, The King's... Continue Reading →

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