Anime Review 3.0 Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 TV.

Hello everyone this is Shawn aka KurataLordStage and welcome to my month of Gundam.

For the first anime that I will be reviewing for this project will be Mobile Suit Gundam or Gundam 0079 for short.

I will be reviewing the 43 episode TV series instead of the 0079 movie trilogy.

Now with out of the way let’s begin.



It is the year 0079 of the universal century an era of mankind can now live in space in artifical homes called space colony’s. The printability of Zeon have declared independence from the earth federation and subsequently launches a war for independence with Zeon having a upper hand thanks with the use of mobile suits giant palpable robots. Both side were end up with heavy casualties and they would enter a stalemate for eight months though all that changed during the attack on side seven when a young boy named Amuro Ray discovers a powerful new mobile suit developed by the earh federation called Gundam. After fighting off the Zeon forces in the new mobile weapon he along with several of his friends and civilians of side seven escape on board a new federation ship called white base. Scavenging any resources they can the white base must use utilise it’s crew consisting of newly civilians and rookies with little military experience to survive the war while fending off the very best of Zeon has to offer.


The story for Gundam 0079 is pretty good for the most part. It’s a really good war story that is straightforward and selp-explanatory but it’s definitely the best and most innovating aspect of Gundam 0079. It was a innovating show of how it portrayed mecha in a more realistic fashion compared to other mecha at the time while also showing us kind of effects war can have on people at any age.

From teenagers, adults to even children.

The story from the most part is well written that is well paced and despite being cut down to 43 episodes in its intinal run. Gundam 0079 explores the tooth of 2 sides in a manner that is interesting in depth and engaging and shows us that no side is black and white and that the both the earth federation and the Zeon will go to huge streams to accomplish they goals. In such

Gundam 0079 definitely shows to us that real war isn’t an battle of good vs evil but rather a battle of ideologies and different views of how to world should work.


However Gundam 0079 has a few flaws.

For starters I feel the pacing for the middle portion of the show could have been a bit better as it be a bit draggy at times.

The other issue that I have with Gundam 0079 is the newtype subplot at the other as I thought it was introduced way too late of it’s episode count. I wished the newtype subplot was introduced a bit earlier in the second half of the show. Instead the newtype subplot was rushed and it left quite of lot of unanswered questions. Lucky the Gundam shows after Gundam 0079 manages to answer a lot of questions about the newtype stuff.


Overall despite its flaws I thought the story to be pretty great as its very iconic, very engaging and innovative themes of how war can us as human beings for all age groups.




The characters of Gundam 0079 are pretty great for most part as they likeable and relatable to the eye.


Amuro Ray is a great Gundam protagonist.

Sure he starts off as naive and a bit immature in the beginning but as the series progress he grows into a mature and badass pilot that has a lot depth.

Not to mention I really how he interacts with others characters in the series and how he changes is interactions with others as the series processes.


The rest of the white base members have to face with their own personal struggles as well which makes endearing and memorable. Of course the white base aren’t the only ones to have this in depth view as Zeon forces also have quite a lot of screen time as well and most of them are just memorable while are portrayed as honor driven antagonists there are those you can sympathise with like Char Aznable.


While Char seems to be loyal to Zeon he does have his own personal goals to accomplish.

The only character I wasn’t a fan was Lalah as I thought she was just a walking plot device for the whole newtype subplot for the last few episodes. She also didn’t developed that much due to her lack of screen time.

She had potential to be great if they introduced the newtype subplot a bit more early in the second half but instead she comes off as a wasted potential character and she is the weakest part of 0079 as a whole.

Overall besides from Lalah the characters of Gundam 0079 are pretty great and memorable.



Visually Gundam 0079 is a bit outdated in today’s standards but it shouldn’t really bother those that truly want to get into the series unless your one of those people who only care about style over substance. Sure the animation can be inconsistent at time as well of having a lot of stock footage but you must keep in mind that this show came out in the late 70s where a lot of anime during that time had this issue with especially super robot animes from the 70s. So for me the animation is acceptable. As for the character designs I thought they are pretty good that has aged quite a bit well today. They are very iconic as well as having that great old school charm that is still pleasing to the eye today. The battles are iconic that are still a treat to watch. Speaking of which Gundam was the first ever mech series that introduce mech in a more realistic scenario. Gundam was also the first mecha show to showcase many military strategies like gurellia warfare and stealth instead of brute force unlike all of the mecha shows in the 70s before Gundam 0079. Gundam 0079 will eventually lead up to create to lead up to create the real robot genre in the 1980s.

The mecha designs are iconic and memorable. The Gundam itself has great simple design that is still iconic to this day.

The Zeon suits are intimidating and only get stronger as the series progresses not to mention they are also well designed and iconic.

Overall I though the visuals were good that has the old school charm that I liked.



The soundtrack of Gundam 0079 has it’s wonderful charm that I loved.

The opening and ending themes while lighthearted for a show that has heavy war themes I still found them to be good and catchy despite not being very fitting for the show.

Now for Dub vs Sub of Gudnam 0079.

Personally I thought both languages are pretty good what they were.

In short 0079 can be enjoyed in both languages.


Final Thoughts.

hqdefault (1).jpg

It’s honestly amazing that Mobile Suit Gundam was a disaster in the ratings that ultimately got cancelled would go to be one of the most prolific anime of all time.

Whether you love or hate Gundam or mecha anime you cannot deny the influence that Gundam had on not just mecha shows and anime on Japan as a whole.

The story is really good, the characters were great and mostly well written the visuals while being dated its has that great old school charm and the soundtrack and voice acting for both languages were great. The only flaws that I have with Gundam 0079 were the pacing of the middle portain of the series and Lalah and the whole newtype subplot being kinda underdeveloped.

Despite that Gundam 0079 is a great classic anime that I highly recommend to people.

If your interested of getting into the Gundam franchise then this is the best place to start. You won’t be disappointed.

I give Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 a 8.5/10

Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 is currently been licensed by RightStuff in the US and Anime Limited in the UK.

It’s available on DVD and Blu Ray in the US but only on Blu Ray in the UK but you can always buy the DVD version on for an affordable price if you don’t have a blu ray player or if you on a tight budget such as myself.

Anyway this was Shawn aka KurataLordStage and I will see you guys next time.

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