Anime Review 3.8 Fairy Tail Movie 2 Dragon Dry.

There was a time where I use to love Fairy Tail as a whole I thought it has great characters especially Erza, Laxus, and Gajeel which were some of my favourite anime characters back then. I thought all the arcs were amazing and well written and I thought the fights were epic. This was 12-year-old me saying all that stuff because I didn’t watch many shounen animes back then and I thought Fairy Tail was the best shounen series ever made beating FMA 2003 and Shaman King. I wish I can Bright Slap my 12-year-old self for saying it. However my love for Fairy Tail didn’t last that along because after Fairy Tail 2009 had finished its run in 2013 I decided to watch other shounen animes such as Hitman Reborn, Yu Yu Hakusho, Bleach, Both versions of Hunter x Hunter, FMAB and Soul Eater and they were all better than Fairy Tail in every way possible in terms of story, characters, world-building and visuals. Yes, I know the Bleach anime became a train-wreck after certain arc but least it’s a fun train-wreck that I enjoyed. When I tried re-watching Fairy Tail 2009 again as well watching the 2014 anime at the same time I started to literally despise the series. Main characters always one-shot villains with the power-ups, cringe-worthy fan-service, preachy themes, terrible fights that have poor direction, 1D characters that hardly change or developed at all and the story is just a poorly written repetitive mess that is filled with plotholes. Out of all the shows that I have watched Fairy Tail is the only series that I use to love but now despise with a burning passion. There are shows that don’t hold up on a second viewing but they some good moments and they are shows like Fairy Tail whereby just watching the first of episodes on your second viewing will make hate everything that series has stood for.
Seriously all of all the shounen that I have seen Fairy Tail is easily the 2nd worst of the bunch by a long shot and this movie did not change my opinion of this series at all. In fact, this movie has made me hate the series even more.
Because this movie doesn’t give a care about almost anything am just going to end my intro right here.


Now normally I would go over the plot a series but because it’s Fairy Tail  am not going to bother because like with most Fairy Tail arcs it’s repetitive and it follows the same story structure. This movie is no different and because of that, the story Dragon Cry is AWFUL!!!

This movie features all the things that we hate about Fairy Tail. A contrived plot that is recycled beyond belief, shitty info dumping, awful pacing, poor writing, villains that get one shotted because of the power of friendship from the heroes. Seriously it’s like staff behind this movie had no idea of what they were doing when creating this movie and because of that, this movie feels like awful fanfic that was done by a 12 year who doesn’t know about good storytelling.
What makes this movie worse is the movie is a straight copy of the last Fairy Tail movie The Phoenix Priestess which was also a terrible film.

Overall the movie plot is a joke.


Oh god the characters. I seriously don’t know where to begin talking about theses quote “characters”
Lucy is still being good at being useless as ever always being a coward while being a slut to the viewers as she exposes her tits and ass everywhere every time she on screen.
Natsu aka The Asspuller is the still the same shitty character that we all hate, always being preachy with his friendship speeches as well being an asspuller on screen. What more needs to be said.
Gary and Erza are the same shallow characters that we all know. They barely change as characters and for some reason, they are even blander in this movie.
As for the other Fairy Tail characters, they are just interesting as rocks. They are not mentioning at all.
As for the villains of Fairy Tail, what do you expect?
They are the same copy and paste, one-dimensional generic villains that we all seen before from this series.
Overall the characters in Fairy Tail Dragon Cry are equally as bad as the story. 


Now if you thought the story and characters were trash the visual in this movie is on a whole another level of awful.
This has got to be one of the worst looking films that I have ever seen in my life.
The production values itself is incompetent that is filled with a lot of animation and art errors. If it was a TV series that I could understand but this is a GOD DAMM MOVIE and films usually have a higher budget than the TV series counterparts.

This movie production values are so bad they couldn’t even animate a dragon correctly.

So let me get this straight the staff. Animating a dragon was too hard for you but you can perfectly animate the fan-service bar scene that happens in the beginning of your film

This is absurd 


Do I need to say anything? It’s the same from the TV series.

Final Thoughts.

This movie is a waste of time. Not only the movie still has all the issues of Fairy Tail that we but the movie doesn’t know how to respect its audience.
The best of parts in Dragon Cry is where the movie itself keeps buffering itself when I was watching it on my tablet on Netflix. Yes, I did watch this movie on Netflix because I am not going to go all the way to Leicester Square Odeon Cinema as well paying £10 + pounds to watch this. I honestly feel bad for anyone who watched it on the big screen because this film has no reason to exist at all. If you like this movie good for you but this movie in my opinion is a waste of animation that shouldn’t seen the light of day

Final Score 1.5/10


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