Anime Review 4.0 Garzey Wing

One rainy day at home in London, I decided to visits the deepest depths of the anime rabbit hole to the find anime that are considered to be the worst of all times. Inside the anime rabbit hole, I found of bunch garbage animes that I have seen before such as Big Order, The King’s Game and Future Dairy as well some that I haven’t seen yet such as Vampire Holmes, Hanoka, and Psychic Wars. Now out of all the anime that I dug out from the anime rabbit hole Garzey Wing was the most interesting one of the bunch due to the show being directed by non-other than Tomino the man who also gave us the Gundam franchise.

Before I watched Garzey Wing I was curious of how bad it would be because before I watched this all the anime that were from the rabbit hole insulted me in one way an another due to those show having broken writing, offensive characters, to piss poor production values.

Then I watched it from start to finish and I can safely say out of all the anime from the anime rabbit hole Garzey Wing is easily the funniest anime from the anime rabbit hole that made me laugh a bunch of times. Don’t get me wrong this show is still an embarrassing waste of animation that doesn’t function correctly that also has some of the worst pacing storytelling and animation directing I have ever seen in an anime. No joke.

So how bad is this show? You will soon find out.


What I have gotten myself into.

Do you know what? I am not going to bother explaining this piece of shit story because clearly this OVA clearly doesn’t know what storytelling, pacing, and direction is and if I did tell you the story it wouldn’t matter due to how fucking nonsensical it is. Trust me the less you know about the plot the better you only get a massive headache if you try to analyze the plot.
The story of Garzey Wing is an inconstant, confusing and poorly written mess. It also doesn’t help the fact that shows pacing is abysmal. The first 20 minutes of episode 1 you will hammer down thanks to the show being weird and random for no reason. Do you know why the tribe is fighting this unknown kingdom am sure as hell don’t? So yeah the hell with foreshadowing and substance let’s just dump all the bullshit on the spotlight for no reason other to be retarded.
As for the events of the real world, you can take them out of the ova and the story wouldn’t change that much. It’s just god awful filler if you ask me.

Am just going to end the story selection here because since Garzey Wing doesn’t give two shits about storytelling so why should I even bother.



The characters in Garzey are just idiotic moving bodies on screen and because of the show, abysmal pacing none of the characters get any development as well the appropriate screen time that they need. Hell, some of the characters in this series would pop up at random in one episode and after that, they never reappear again. For example, the guy with the golden armour he seemed to be a big rival for Chris in the story and he had a connection to this priests woman but we never see him again after the second episode.

Chris is just a horrendous inconsistent protagonist who barely gets any character development however when he does get some form of character development it feels forced and unnatural. Also, the whole concept of Chris’s powers are poorly explained and not to mention retarded. Seriously wings on your damn feet that really creative isn’t it.
Overall the characters in Garzey’s Wing are just moving bodies on the screen that don’t get developed correctly due to lack of screen time. 



The visuals are below average for the most part however it can be absolutely horrendous at times.
The character designs are meh overall but the actual animation in this season is abysmal
At one point in the ova when Chris was stepping back so he can use his arrows. Well instead of having walking animation for it some dumbass from the animation team ultimate decided to be cheap by manipulating an image across the frame in a video editor and to call it a day the animation team decided to do a terrible mid shot that covers Chris legs so they can hide the fact that the scene is poorly directed/animated. ANIMATION STAFF. WE ARE NOT THAT STUPID. WE CAN CLEARLY SEE HOW CHEAP THE MOVEMENT WAS AND YOU DIPSHITS CAN GET AWAY WITH YOUR CHEAP SHIT!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!!
To add insult to injury the camera work and visual directing of this ova are abysmal beyond belief.
Overall this show visually is god awful.



The soundtrack for Garzey’s Wing is below average at best, however, the ending theme was kinda decent I guess.
Now we get to the fun part or the final nail in the coffin.
I haven’t seen the Japanese version but I saw a few clips of it and I thought it was okay but that isn’t you want me to talk about. Oh hell no you want me to know about the dub. Simply put it’s the worst dub I’ve ever seen in my life and I don’t think it can ever be topped.

It’s worse than 4Kids.

The show may start off as one of those so bad it’s good type of dubs where it has some hilarious acting moments. However, as the series progresses the acting just becomes insufferable to the point where you want to pull your ears off.
Also, you know Tomino like to consistent problem adding excessive dialogue to his work. Well, Garzey Wing is the worst example of this. Rarely do the characters fucking shut up and if you watched this dubbed you probably want your computer monitor halfway through.

Final Thoughts.

What else can I honestly say about this waste of animation?
I had to push myself just to get through the whole damm thing. It was so bad and boring that watching grass grow was more entertaining than this show. In the end, I pushed through just to see it got any better and it didn’t and because of that, I have officially lost one and half hour of my life thanks to this piece of shit series. Yeah, it was funny at times but none of it matter when you have absolutely no substance.
As much I despise ZZ Gundam with a passion least Tomino tried with the story and character even the show ended up being a depressing train-wreck that had some of the worst animation I have ever seen.
Garzey Wing would later become a joke for anime fans. Watch if you dare but trust me it won’t be pretty

Final Score 1.5/10


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