2019 is finally here and plans for the future.


How’s it going anime fans VileKurata here and 2019 is finally here at last. Outside of personal life I been busy playing Kingdom Hearts on the PS4, Final Fantasy 13 Trilogy on my friends Xbox One using my copies and playing Persona 5. As for anime reviews I been reviewing anime from the fall 18 season such as Bunny Girl Senpai, Goblin Slayer, the second half of Banana Fish etc on MAL. Theses reviews will be released on my blog by the end of the month or next month uncut.

Despite all that stuff I have to announce some changes to my reviews for all of the websites that I write reviews on.

Originally I was meant to quit reviewing anime on MAL after VileKurata S2 alternately Kurata Anime Reviews Season 6 but thanks to poplar demand as well he having a decently strong following I decided to continue reviewing anime on MAL however the MAL version of my reviews will come out last meaning the WordPress and soon Anilist version will come out first. This change will take affect from VileKurata Season 3 onwards because I want to keep my reviewing schedule in tact without getting overboard. Sorry if it disappoint you MAL followers but I just don’t want to get burned out on posing on different anime reviewing sites.

As for 100th anime review it will be Kill la Kill and it will honestly take a while to do because it is a fairly complex series that has a lot of complex themes outside the nudity. Because of that I may end up skipping episode 100 in favour of reviewing other anime that I scripted back in early to mid 2018 and they are almost done now.. Not to mention I don’t want to rush the review out for no reason. In short treat my review of Kill la Kill as a OVA rather than a tv series episode especially with its rapid sexual content which I cannot show on MAL/Anilist without getting a screwed by the admins on that site. Plus the WordPress version will have a password which I will leave on my MAL/Anilist Profile Page for you to unlock.

Finally I will be deleting all of my Black Clover reviews. The reason why I’m deleting my Black Clover reviews is because one I simply no longer hate the series, two I was very wrong of how I approached the series as by blinding hating on everything even thought it has a lot of good elements that are not copied from Naruto and My Hero Academia and three I grown to enjoy the series now especially the fun manga. There’s Black Clover reviews will be replaced by Season 3 The Ancient Magus Bride OVA and Season 5 Little Witch Academia The Enchanted Parade. I will do a fair and non biased
Black Clover review once it’s actually over.

Now with that said stay tune for the some of my upcoming reviews for VileKurata Season 2 aka Kurata Anime Reviews Season 6. Non-Seasonal Edition.

See you guys next time.


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