Kurata Anime Reviews Season 4

All anime reviews from Kurata Anime Reviews Season 4.

This season mainly covers the Spring 18 anime season as well a couple of obscure and well-known shows.

This season also concludes the Hyperactive Beginnings Saga

Episodes 26.

Air Date April 2018- August 2018

Episode 1 Gundam 00

Episode 2 World Trigger

Episode 3 Fairy Tail

Episode 4 Neon Genesis Evangelion

Episode 5 Victory Gundam

Episode 6 Kino’s Journey 2003 

Episode 7 Mary and the Witches Flower

Episode 8 3D Kanojo Real Girl

Episode 9 Magical Girl Site

Episode 10 Hina Festival 

Episode 11 Record of the Grancrest War

Episode 12 Katana Maidens

Episode 13 Wotaku Love Is Hard for a Otaku

Episode 14 Gundam Build Fighters GM Counterattack

Episode 15 Legend of the Galactic Heroes: The New Thesis

Episode 16 Beatless

Episode 17 Dragon Pilot Hisone and Masotan 

Episode 18 Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online

Episode 19 Megalo Box 

Episode 20 Tada Never Falls in Love

Episode 21 Darling in the Franxx

Episode 22 Neon Genesis Evangelion Death and Rebirth

Episode 23 Gunbuster

Episode 24 Diebuster

Episode 25 Toradora

Episode 26 Neon Genesis Evangelion The End Of Evangelion



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