Anime Review 9.3 A Certain Magical Index Both Seasons and Movie.

This review will cover both seasons of A Certain Magical Index as well a bit of the movie called A Certain Magical Index The Miracle of Endymion. I have a complex relationship with the Raildex series. Ever since I was introduced to the series from my group of friends my opinion of the RailDex series... Continue Reading →


Anime Review 9.2 Gundam Seed Destiny

Gundam Seed is one of the most beloved Gundam series of all time. Ever since it's success back in 2002 it has gained a big following especially in Japan where it was most successful. The series has been praised for amazing music, engaging plot twist as well telling an intriguing story where two close friends... Continue Reading →

Anime Review 9.1 Planet With

The summer 18 anime season was a pretty rough season for anime that are not squeals mainly because it was the season that was filled with forgetful seasonal anime such as Harukana Receive, Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs and Angolmois: Genkou Kassenki. This was also the season gave us broken and boring dumpster fires... Continue Reading →

Anime Review 8.8 Hanebado!

Ever since Haikyuu Season 3 ended back in 2016 the sports anime genre hasn't been doing so well for me. From the soulless Ashita no Joe advertisement Megalo Box, the nostalgia bait Inazuma Eleven Ares series to uninspired Yowamushi Pedal season 4. Yes Welcome to the Ballroom was a thing and I actually liked that... Continue Reading →

Anime Review 1.5 Inazuma Eleven (Redux)

This is my updated review from one of the my older reviews that I did. In December of 2015, I decided to pick a bunch of non-seasonal anime that I wanted to watch alongside the Winter 16 anime season. One of these series was Inazuma Eleven. Now I went into this anime with very low expectations due to the fact that I don't like sports that much plus some of my least favourite sports are football, boxing volleyball and baseball. So I was expected to hate this anime because of it. As again I don't like sports that much and honestly I was expecting to kinda hate this anime. Was I wrong in my personal judgement or I am right? Story. The story in Inazuma Eleven follows a cheerful goalkeeper... Continue Reading →

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